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CER security on-site

Hi All,

we are building the pilot network with CER and CUCM 7.0 and voice gateway. voice gateway is not connected to PSTN. when I dial 911 from any phone, onsite security phone ring as if someone dials directly to his phone. is it normal behavior? I expect call goes through the gateway not directly to the onsite security phone. then after 911 call is finish, then onside security phone rings. but it seems it is not case.



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Re: CER security on-site

Hi Alex,

This is working as designed

Explain how they will receive notification of an emergency call.

–A web alert appears for everyone logged into the Cisco ER user web interface.

–***All personnel assigned to an ERL receive a telephone call when an emergency call is made from the ERL. The telephone call includes information about the extension of the caller.

–If you configure email addresses for the personnel, they also receive an email, which includes more information than the phone call, including ERL name and phone location. If the email address is for an email-based pager, they are paged. Paging is the most efficient way of getting information to users who are not at their desks.

If the standby Cisco ER server handles an emergency call, all onsite alert personnel get notified of the call, and of the fact that the standby server handled the call. Decide how you want people to respond to these notifications.

•Explain the ERL naming and phone location you are using. This is the primary information the personnel will have for identifying the location of the emergency caller.

•Explain the organization's policy for responding to emergency calls. Work with the emergency response teams to develop an acceptable policy if you do not already have one.



Re: CER security on-site

I assume your security phone is an alert destination for the ERL which contains the caller placing the 911 call.  CER generates the alert to alert destinations immediately as CER reroutes the caller to the PSAP.



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