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CER using existing user / phone DIDs for ELNs

Quick question that came up as part of a current CER deployment.....

I have a customer that has a very limited number of DIDs that they have already assigned to users.

In the past, I have deployed CER with a separate DID range reserved for ELINs for the PSAP callback.

My question is this:

This customer wants to use their new user DIDs to do "double-duty" as ELINs at the same time as personal user DIDs?

Is this feasible and a supported config with CER?

I would think that it is, but my configuration experience with CER, in the past, has been pretty limited to CAMA trunks, instead of PRIs / DIDs, and I want to be sure that this is possible before giving a response to the customer, since, if it is NOT, they will have to look at ordering additional DIDs.

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Re: CER using existing user / phone DIDs for ELNs

I would not suggest you do it. You can use one did for a elin that will support serveral ERL's but putting a existing did into er is likely to cause a administration nightmare. The issue will be when the emergency services call back how do you seperate a real did for one assigned to er.

The CER Admin guide also says you need dedicated circuits.

My other concern would be this is 911 so messing around with shared did's could really expose you if anything did go wrong.

I wouldn't do it. Thats my two cents

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Re: CER using existing user / phone DIDs for ELNs

It will not work as you will not be able to configure PSAP callbacks. For outbound it would work, but on callback the DID has to match the ELIN via a TR, so you either send it to the phone or CER.



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