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CFA one button

I have user with multiple lines

During the day she needs to activate/deactivate  CFA to voicemail for every line - so call is forwarded to the voicemail 

To do it - user have to choose every line separatelly  and press CFA softkey

For 5 lines it takes 15 manipulations ( press line first  + press CFA softkey + press voicemail key as CFA destination  )

User wants to be able to have porgrammed ket on the phone ,  so when she needs to forward all calls from all lines to each line dedicated voicemail

she can press just one button on the phone.

Or press it second time to deactivate CFA for all lines.

Is it possible to do it - or we need to write dedicated application for the phone ( JTAPI/XML ) ?  

May be any third party software exists ( don't advise to use CUBAC - not applicable for this client )   ?


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CFA one button

You can use time of day routing to route the calls to Voicemail and to deactivate it.

Here is a link on how to configure it

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CFA one button

To answer your question, no, we do not provide a method to configure a button/softkey to do CFA + destination with one click (not possible for one line, now for 5 lines with a single click...).

You would need to write down a custom app (probably XML to modify the CFA parameters from the lines) and then give her access to it on the phone.



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