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CFA to VM - ring before the Forward


Have an install where users are complaining that when they do a CFA to Voicemail on their line, the inbound caller hears a ring (sometimes, just half a ring) before they wind up on their VM greeting. We're running CCM 4.1(3)sr3c with Unity 4.2.1.

Are there any parameters/settings that will control this either on CCM or Unity? Also, this is happening mostly when dialed from a land-line. It seems as if calls from a cell phone goes to the Unity greeting right away.

Any ideas?




Re: CFA to VM - ring before the Forward

The Forward No Answer Timeout parameter can easily be configured on Cisco CallManager in order to adjust the time a user must wait. The default timeout is set to 12 seconds. This means that if the settings are not modified, the system waits 12 seconds before it forwards the call. If you set this value to less than 4 seconds, the phone rings only once and does not give enough time for the users to attend the call. This is a global parameter. Therefore, changing this value affects the behavior of all phones. It cannot be changed on a per user or telephone basis. When you change this value, be sure to change it for all CallManagers in the cluster. These three sections explain how to modify the settings based on your version of Cisco CallManager.

Re: CFA to VM - ring before the Forward


On a Call-Forward-All this will never ring the phone and the setting above is the Global CFNA timer for the cluster. This can actually be overridden at a line level as well but neither of these are going to come into effect on CFA.

Basically if you are hearing differences on ringback tone length then that is related to the signaling. Basically on a clean CCM, meaning no packet loss or delay on signaling, you should hear a 1/2 ringback on a call placed to an extension with CFA from an internal extension. If it is longer than this, this could be related to delay of the signaling or cut-thru audio delay on a gateway. No matter what, I don't believe there is going to be a timer that can be changed that won't affect calls globally. First thing you are going to want to look at though if you feel there is a major difference on the ringbacks, is the endpoints that are receiving the extended ringback and the QoS configuration in-between them and CCM.

As far as the Unity from the PSTN, I've never tried to diagnose the amount of ringback. If those calls are not presenting ringback then I would say that is either related to it being a direct call(ex. you using an AA in Unity) or again delay on cut-thru to the gateway. Either way, the ringback should occur as a general rule of thumb.

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