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CFNA External and Internal

Hi all, I have a CUCM 7.1 and CUE7.0 (with AA and Voice Mail configured). For an IP Phone (5000) i set the CFNA Internal to another IP Phone and CFNA External to a cellphone number.

When an external user calls our operator and the call is transferred to the IP Phone 5000, the CFNA internal is activated and no the external as I would like.

Is there a workarround to solve this.

Please let me know any suggestion.

Thanks a lot



Re: CFNA External and Internal

If I follow, the call comes into your system from an external source and is answered by the CUE AA.  Then, the caller is transferred to the operator.  Correct?

If this is correct, then I believe the behavior you are observing is expected.  Not sure with CUE, but with Unity and CUC when the VM system is executing the transfer, it is a brand new call.  Since the Unity/CUC is seen as "on net" the external forwarding treatment is not applicable.



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Re: CFNA External and Internal

Hi Bill, thanks for your answer. You are correct about call flow. So, for this kind of situation, there is no way to recognize an external call (to apply CFNA external) when this answered by the operator and transferred to the requested user.

** Just thinking (not sure is possible), can I forward external and internal calls based on ANI number????

Thanks a lot again


Re: CFNA External and Internal


Unfortunately the CUCM cannot make routing decisions based on ANI.  If the transfer you are trying to control is human initiated (i.e. a human operator), then you could think about transfers using different prefixes.  Similar to what Rob was mentioning but avoiding the hairpin.  Example:


- Line 1:  DN 5000 in partition ptA   (CFwd setup to the appropriate destination for internal callers)

- Line 2:  DN 5000 in partition ptB  (CFwd setup to the appropriate destination for external callers)

Translation: *88xxxx

-  visible from the operator phone

- CSS on translation only contains ptB

Use case:

Operator has an external call, they transfer to *885000.  Otherwise, they transfer to 5000.

Yeah, I know.  It sounds ridiculous.  I am just throwing out some ideas.  Using netpro as our collective whiteboard!

Now, if Unity could "think" like the human operator and selectively prefix numbers on transfer, then that would be helpful.  Unfortunately, I don't believe that is possible.

Another thought would be to us UCCX.  UCCX could be programmed to selectively prefix.   But that is another "whiteboard" thought.


HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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Hall of Fame Super Red

Re: CFNA External and Internal

Hey David,

We get this type of thing from time to time as well

Because the call has been answered by the Operator and

then transferred it is no longer seen as an External call when

the Call Forward Internal/External is considered. The only

work-around would be to have the Operator transfer the call to

the user via the "full" 9+ number (not great!)




Re: CFNA External and Internal

Thanks a lot for your answers friends, +5 points for your nice tips.

Have a nice weekend

Thanks again


New Member

Re: CFNA External and Internal

Hello. I have one question regarding the call forward internal/external.

In one client, the operators, "refuse" to do consult transfer. They say that they spend too much time waiting for the reciving user to anwer the phone. The call flow is external caller --> operator -blind transfer-> internal user.

The problem is that, if the internal user does not answer the call, the call is lost with out the operator knowing that the call is lost. I though that we may use a cfna external for this calls so, if the internal user does not answer the tranfered call, it will go back again to the operator. But it doesn`t work because the call is considered as internal. Is there another way to recover the transfered calls by the operator?

Thanks for your help

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