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Cfwd All Dest populates on its own

After awhile I can not receive calls. I check cfwd all dest and find 011972542935554 in the field. I delete it and everything works fine but it returns on its own later. model SPA122


To me, it seems like you are

To me, it seems like you are being hacked if the number is international. I might be wrong though.

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This is definitely a hack.

This is definitely a hack. Get your ATA out of the DMZ for a start. Based on recommendations from my modem mfgr to help with QoS settings, I had enabled the DMZ and forwarded some ports. About 1 week later I started getting calls from 6197137209 in La Mesa, CA at all hours of the day and night. Always hang ups. Simultaneously, my DID was forwarded to: 972542935554 in Israel, 972544738856 in Israel, and 381608761044 in Serbia. I found those numbers in my CFWD ALL DEST. And boy, were those folks annoyed. La Mesa was calling almost every 10 seconds and it was forwarding to their numbers. I called my own number to see where it was going, so I got to (briefly) talk to the folks in Israel. Not too happy considering they were 9 hours ahead. As soon as I disabled the DMZ and port forwarding it seemed to stop. I added strong passwords to my ATA setup just for good measure. Good luck!
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