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CFWdAll Does it work by line or all lines?

Im trying to research if when you hit the CFWdAll button it fowards ALL lines on your phone to xxx or is it just by line?

Someone in 4x told me it was all lines, but in 6x is PER line.

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Re: CFWdAll Does it work by line or all lines?

The CFA on the phone is for the first line on the phone. If the user wishes to set a CFA on the other lines they have to do it through the CUCM User Webpage.

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Re: CFWdAll Does it work by line or all lines?


Just to add a touch to the good info from Keith. (+5 points for this Keith :)

Hope all is well my friend! I wish I had a real creative answer that involved IPod's, solar powered laser beam guitars and some sort of Retina scanner but alas this is it ;-)

Currently Cfwdall is only supported for Line 1 on the phone as you have discovered. The only method available to Cfwdall Line 2 to 6 is to do it from ccmadmin or the ccmuser web access page. This restriction is applicable to all CCM Versions from 3.x to 7.x as far as I know.

There is also a third party product called;

IPPhone callForwarder

This new version brings to the user the ability of defining and setting the call forwards from the IP Phone. When selecting the IP Phone callForwarder service, a menu with all available lines will appear. After selecting the line the user wishes to set the forward on, a new menu containing the forward definitions will show on screen. Only those forwarding parameters definied by the Administrator will be displayed. These parameters will show the actual forward destination. The user can then set any of these callForwards.

From this good link;

There is a feature/bug request open for this problem CSCdr03425. This bug is still outstanding:(

Hope this helps!


Re: CFWdAll Does it work by line or all lines?

Everything is fine and dandy here. Thanks for the CS bug mention also. I did not realize that was a "bug".

I add 5 points to your 6 bazillion points.


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