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Challenge after upgrade from 4.1(3) to 5.1(3c) via DMA 5.1(3)

The system was upgraded from 4.1(3) to 5.1(3) with 5.1(3) DMA.The system was upgraded again to 5.1(3c). It was successfully.

As I install the phone firmware in version 5.1(3c), it was failure, the enterprise paramters and services parameters cannot be display.

run the command "run loadxml" cannot solve the issue. I try upgrade it from 5.1(3c) to ES4102, the upgrade was failure.

Details error log listed below:

(12109) Wed Aug 13 18:25:09 CST 2008

Successful untarring of option /common/download/cmterm-7940-7960-sccp.8-0-8.cop.

(12109) Wed Aug 13 18:25:18 CST 2008

Publisher: Starting installdb... /bin/su -l informix -s /bin/sh -c "source /usr/local/cm/db/dblenv.bash /usr/local/cm ; source /usr/local/cm/db/informix/local/ids.env ; nice /usr/local/cm/bin/installdb -x /usr/local/cm/db/xml/xml"

disablenotify dsn[DSN=ccm_super]

disablenotify rc[0]

xml DSN=ccm_super /usr/local/cm/db/xml/xml

installXml rc[1]

enablenotify dsn[DSN=ccm_super]

enablenotify rc[0]

installdb Failure [-x] 1

(12109) Wed Aug 13 18:25:40 CST 2008

ERROR: Final installdb run unsuccessful

Does anyone has this experience, please share it. Thanks!

I am awaiting TAC's reply.

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Re: Challenge after upgrade from 4.1(3) to 5.1(3c) via DMA 5.1(3

Dear All,

The isssue is solved and share it with you.

we should NOT use the mapping method as you upgrade the system from 4.x to 5.x via the backup of DMA. Although the CM5.X installation allow you to change NEW IP address for the system as you install the CM software.

No errors was found as the installation.

But you cannot install new phone firmware or upgrade to another ES patch, the database will have errors at the end of installation.

And the enterprise and services pages cannot be display. Run the command run loadxml in the console does not help in this case.

This tricky made by Cisco will let you spend many working hours to start from the beginning of installation.

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