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change Codec on call manager


Our client is using CME 4.1 with ISDN E1 Pri connected to PSTN, the client bought a software to record all calls both internally and externally. When calls are done internally they are recorded perfectly, but calls to/from PSTN are recorded with a lot of noise, the software provider said that they need U-LAW codec to have a noise free recoding.

I changed the recording on ISDN interface using the Compand-Type to U-LAW, doing so degraded the whole telephony system quality.

is there is a way to convert to make U-LAW the global codec used by CME.

Thanks a lot


Re: change Codec on call manager

Im not too sure if this might be the correct answer but you can change incoming call codecs via the dial-peer voice X VOIP command. and codec GXXX

i think by default its G729.

again not too sure but im sure somone with a bit more experience might be able to shed light

good luck

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Re: change Codec on call manager

Hi gooding

Thanks a lot for your help unfortunatley the dial peers are configured as pots and needed that way and the codec commands is not available on pots dial peers

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Re: change Codec on call manager

done that as well but didnt work


Re: change Codec on call manager

maybe the software provider should take a look from thier side?....i did a install about two years ago with CME 3.X. the recording software we used was Calrex and it still works properly. The CME was setup without any adjustments.

Note: this solution was with FXO ports though.

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