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Change date format to YYYY-MM-DD

Hi, I want to change date format to YYYY-MM-DD in cucm,but CUCM only can choiced Y-M-N, it showed 13-12-18.

How to change it ?

CUCM 8.6

IPT 7960/7912


Change date format to YYYY-MM-DD

SSH into your Publisher:

admin:set date ?


set date HH:mm:ss:MM/DD/YY

HH:mm:ss  : The time format (24 hours format)

MM/DD/YY  : The date format.

Note: Following format is also accepted:

MM/DD/YYYY  : The date format.

admin:set date HH:mm:ss:MM/DD/YYYY

This how ever will not work if your Publisher is pointing to an external NTP reference.

This server, is configured to synchronize with external NTP

server(s). Date/time cannot be changed on this server.

Please delete all of the configured external NTP servers.

Command is unsuccessful.

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Change date format to YYYY-MM-DD

This command although can change the value but, I am not sure if this command would change the format.

Moreover I dont think we can remove all the NTP servers from CUCM 8.6.

Afaik, there is no way to change the format to MM/DD/YYYY.

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Change date format to YYYY-MM-DD

Hi Zhenya,

Have you looked at the Date Format within the Date/Time group

Table 6-1 Date/Time Group Configuration Settings 



Group Name

Enter the name that you want to assign to the new date/time  group.

Time Zone

From the drop-down list box, choose the time zone for the group  that you are adding.

The default setting for new Cisco Unified Communications Manager  installations equals (GMT) Monrovia, Casablanca.

If you upgrade from a compatible Cisco Unified Communications  Manager release and you use "local time zone of Communications Manager" in the  configuration, the Cisco Unified Communications Manager database determines the  appropriate time zone for the database server and then displays that time zone  as replacement for the Communications Manager time zone.


Choose the separator character to use between the date fields.

Date Format

Choose the date format for the date that displays on the Cisco  Unified IP Phones.

Time Format

Choose a 12-hour or 24-hour time format.

Selected Phone NTP References (ordered by highest priority)

To ensure that a phone that is running SIP gets its date and time  configuration from an NTP server, add the phone NTP reference(s) to the  date/time group. To add a phone NTP reference to the date/time group, perform  the following tasks:

  1. Click the Add Phone NTP References button.
  2. Find the phone NTP reference(s) that you want to add, as described in the Finding the  Phone NTP References topic.
  3. Only phone NTP references that exist in the Cisco Unified  Communications Manager database display. For information on adding a phone NTP  reference to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration, see the Configuring  the Phone NTP References topic.
  4. After the search results display, check the check boxes for the phone NTP  references or click Select All.
  5. Click Add Selected.

After you add the phone NTP reference(s) to the date/time group,  you can prioritize them, starting with the first reference that you want the  phone to contact. For example, to move a reference to the top of the list,  highlight the entry in the pane and click the Up arrow. To move a reference to  the bottom of the list, highlight the entry in the pane and click the Down  arrow.

Tip : To remove a phone NTP reference  from the date/time group, highlight the server in the pane and click Remove Phone NTP References. Removing the phone NTP reference  from the date/time group does not remove the phone NTP reference from the Cisco  Unified Communications Manager database.



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