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Change "Content-Type:multipart/mixed" for SIP calls on cme


I have a CME on a Cisco 2821 with IOS 12.4(4)XC4. I have problem with a sip provider when I try to make calls to a number that is moved temporality. When I call to 1203 ext. this call to another number,for example.

My SIP ip telephony provider tell me that my cisco CME is sending on the SIP message a "Content-Type: multipart/mixed" instead of "Content-Type: application/sdp" and for this reason the call is not ok.

The question is: Can I change the sip format message on my cisco CME and put "Content-Type: application/sdp" instead of "Content-Type: multipart/mixed"? I need to make this because my SIP provider tell me that his SIP server don´t support for "Content-Type: multipart/mixed" however there support for "Content-Type: application/sdp".

I call to 1203 extension and it´s moved temporality to 936923652.

I attach the log.



Re: Change "Content-Type:multipart/mixed" for SIP calls on cme

Greetings Francisco,

The link I have attached should do the trick, but you are going to need to set up CUBE on your 2821 (which is not a big deal).



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Re: Change "Content-Type:multipart/mixed" for SIP calls on cme

Thanks for your quickly answer asandborgh! Great answer!

Do you think that is is the only way to make the change? I need to upgrade my IOS and reconfigure the CME to add sip-profiles. In order to solve the problem do you think that I need to setup on sip-profile "request" or "response"?

This is the flow: I make a call to 1203 then first I make an INVITE to 1203@...  and after the sip server show a 302 SIP message "Moved temporarily" and after we can see  "Content-Type. multipart/mixed" on the SIP message. You can see this on the attachment.

Do you have any ideas how implementing this?

Kind regards,



Re: Change "Content-Type:multipart/mixed" for SIP calls on cme

Hola Francisco,

I'm not exactly a SIP guru, but I know enough to get around.  I don't know of another way to change the message, but perhaps someone else on the forum might.

If you do go this route it looks like you would want to work on the resposne since that appears to be the issue form the capture.



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Re: Change "Content-Type:multipart/mixed" for SIP calls on cme


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