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Change time on IP Phones on 2800 router.

I'm supporting a site that has a 2800 router with 7 IP phones attached.  Neither CUE nor CME are setup on the router. Each phone is displaying a different time and my question is how can I push a time change out to all my phones?  Are the 7900 series phones setup to configure a manual time change?

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Re: Change time on IP Phones on 2800 router.

Are you using CUCM?  If so, then the default behavior is to recover clock from the CUCM server the phone is registered to which, in turn, recovers clock from the Publisher node.  The publisher node recovers clock from a NTP server you (or someone) has specified during build or in the OS configuration.

Now, in later releases of CUCM you can also specify an NTP source for phones to use (System>Phone NTP Reference).

Now if you are not using CUCM, then what are you using?



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Re: Change time on IP Phones on 2800 router.

Actually I guess CME and CUE are used, I just don't have the GUI setup. I'm new to telephony and this system was in place before I started, but any changes I make are to the router via console.  I don't think NTP is used. Is there a way to set the time from the console?

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Re: Change time on IP Phones on 2800 router.


Here is a good article that may explain your issue.

What are the model of phones, load you have on the phones, and version of CME?

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