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New Member

Changing DNS domain in CCM environment


I have a CCM 5.1 cluster working with name resolution (DNS) instead of IP addresses to resolve the CCM names. Now, the IT department wants me to chenge the DNS domain where the CCMs and the phones are located (the old domain is going to dissapear).

Is there any problem in doing such action? Do you know which is the porcedure to do this?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Changing DNS domain in CCM environment

Although I am not a great fan of DNS (one more point of failure ...)

having said that changing the Domain name should not have affect on your Callmanager servers as long as

you are not changing the server DNS name itself. As we recommend your CCM servers not be

in Domain and be in workgroup to begin with.

Also update the LDAP configuration on CCM configuration and resync ldap

Re: Changing DNS domain in CCM environment

I saw your posting here regarding ccm 5.1. Is it possible to stage the servers offsite, unbox, run through the defaults, then when onsite, change the server name, IP address, etc for CCM?



Re: Changing DNS domain in CCM environment

Current you cannot change the DNS name after installation. The same is mentioned under Table 7 in the Installation Guide for CallManager 5.1

If you change the DNS Domain for the CallManager, you would hit into CSCsi15978 and CSCsi13784. These bugs should be fixed in CallManager 5.1.2


Re: Changing DNS domain in CCM environment

Good to know about the bugs ...thanks Mahesh


Re: Changing DNS domain in CCM environment

While looking at the bugs ..I see that they take affect if the servers were installed with no domain name

see the line below from the bug release notes

"Server publisher was installed with no domain name"

Was wondering if these bug would still apply if we are changing DNS name (I mean server was installed with DNS)and we only need to change it ) ?

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