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Changing external Caller ID over a SIP Trunk to SIP Provider

I am working with a client and when they place calls out to any external user they have the wrong name showing on the external caller ID. 

I have spoken with the SIP provider and apparently they want us to pass the CNAM, or rather they have it setup for us to do this.

I opened a case with Cisco and the TAC engineer said the provider has to do this because it cannot be done from CUCM or the gateway.


For example, it says right now "location A" for external calls and I want to change this to say "location B" . 


Is this even possible?


what is the call flow? did

what is the call flow? did you check the caller name in SIP trunk configuration?



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This is exactly the field I

This is exactly the field I was thinking I am supposed to fill in with the appropriate name, then reset the SIP trunk to test.

I guess when I opened the case with TAC and the engineer said it was not possible I got discouraged, but to to be fair to the engineer he may not have realized I am using SIP either.


yes, please test the behavior

yes, please test the behavior and let us know how it works.



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 The caller name will only


The caller name will only modify the name received from endpoints. The display and ascii display is where the names are populated from..If you change the caller name, then all CNAM will be the value in the caller name field

Caller name: Enter a caller name to override the caller name that is received from the originating SIP Device.

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