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Changing IP address on Publisher CUCM 7.1.5


We have a 4 node 7.1.5 CUCM cluster.  The publisher and one of the susbcriber servers are moving to a new IP subnet.  The procedure for changing the IP address (Pub and Sub) looks fairly well documented.  However, my client makes extensive use of Extension mobility.  Many of the userIDs looks as though they have been logged in for some time.  I'm concerned that users (some 1100) will have forgoton or may not even know how to login in and out of the system.  I want to know whether there is any imapct to the Extension Mobility community after changing the IP address of the publisher...

  • Once the IP addressof the Publisher has been changed are the service subsriptions automatically updated? 
  • Has anyone experience of this?  Is there any requirement to logout users

My gut feeling is all will be well (famous last words ) and there will be no need for users to logout and log back in again.  Anyone ever done this?

Thanks Steve


Re: Changing IP address on Publisher CUCM 7.1.5

Well, the first thing you need to consider is that the IP Phone Service

associated to Extension Mobility (EM) will not dynamically update it's URL

to accommodate a change in the Publisher IP address. I am assuming you are

using an IP address today, which means you will need to modify the phone

service URL and update subscriptions to the IP Phone service. This isn't

really that big of a deal. There is no link between the IP phone service and

the actual EM service or database fields/tables associated with EM.

I assume from your post that the EM service is set to NOT auto-logout users.

I haven't tested this, but from my experience I would say you are OK. The

CUCM cluster nodes shouldn't force a logout. I have rebooted entire

clusters, and EM phones remain logged in afterwards. This is because the

"login state" is stored in the DB and not dependant on any individual CUCM





On 10/11/10 5:57 PM, "ssparkes"

HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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