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Changing the Compact Flash on Cisco 2821 Call Manager Express

Hello All,


I'm gonna have to swap the compact flash on a Cisco 2821 who is serving as the Call Manager express and the Dialling Router.


What's the best way of approaching this? As far as i know it doesn't have a second slot? And i just can't plug it in and copy everything from 1 flash to another.

Must i copy all of the files on the flash to my tftp or? How can i be sure that everything will be copied to the new flash? I will be creating downtime i suppose? since when i'm copying towards the new flash the router will not properly work with the previous configuration

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I don't have a CF reader at

I don't have a CF reader at my disposal and it doesn't look like it's possible to copy the entire flash card to tftp and copy it back


Kind Regards,



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So i figured out that i can

So i figured out that i can use the archive tar /create command:


To copy the entire flash towards TFTP:

archive tar /create tftp://X.X.X.X/flash.tar flash:


Now i will have to insert the new flash and probably format it first towards the correct file systems. Then i will have to use the next archive command:

archive tar /xtract "Here i am unsure of the syntax, i want to be copying and extracting the tar I backed up from the old flash"


After these steps are complete can i just reboot the router with the new flash card, won't there be any issues, since the startup config is on the NVRAM it will load the config properly, and i haven't seen any boot parameters but they shouldn't pose any issues since i'm not changing the flash slot.


Thanks for your assistance


VIP Purple

Hi, your steps seems to be



your steps seems to be complete.


for copying entire flash to tftp , you can refer the link




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