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Changing the Password on the admin Account

We looking to change the password to the admin account on the Call Manager, Unity Connects and Emergency Responder. They are all version 8.5.1. I'm nervous about this. I don't want to break anything.

It appears the Call Manager has 3 different passwords. They are Application password, Administrator Account password, and the Security password. We want to change the passwords that effect the user login screens for the system administration, so I'm assuming I need to change just the Application password and the Administrator Account password.

We have the following questions regarding the process:

Would we use the command "utils reset_ui_administrator_password" for the Application password?

Would we use the command "set password admin" for the Administrator password?

Would we just do this on the publisher or have to do the change on the the two subscribers as well?

Are they any concerns we need to be aware of if we do make these password changes like breaking any applications?

It appears Unity connects has two types of administration accounts - Operating System Administration and Application Administration.

Would we use the "set password" command for the Operating System administration account and the "utils cuc reset password" for the Application Administration account?

Would we have to do this on both of our Unity servers which are in cluster or just the Pulisher?

Are there any concerns we need to be aware of if we do make these Unity Connects password changes?

For the Emergency Responder, do I just modify the admin account thru the UI in User Management --> user to change the password and is that the one account for Cisco ER Serviceability, Cisco Unified OS administration, Disaster Recovery System, Cisco ER User and Cisco ER Admin Utility?

Again as with the CM and Unity Servers, the two ER servers are in a cluster so is the password changed on just the Primary ER Server or on both.

Sorry for the length of my questions......                   


Changing the Password on the admin Account

Hi Joseph,

to answer few queries:

for CUCM:

a. for changing security password , follow the command set password user security. change the password on publisher and reboot it. Similarly, do it for all subscribers in a cluster and reboot them.

b. for changing application password: utils reset_application_ui_administrator_password

c for OS administration use set password user admin

same commands u need to follow for Unity connection as well and security password needs to be changed in both servers.

if u change the IP address of CUCM, then, u need to change in UCXN.



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Changing the Password on the admin Account

Hi Aman,

Thanks for the reply....When I change the application password and OS administration password for CUCM, do I just do it on the publisher and the changes gets replicated or do I have to do it on the subscribers too.

Any ideas how to change the Emergency Responder admin account....

Thank You


Changing the Password on the admin Account

Hi Joseph,

what I can share with you is one of the incidents where we had a cluster on version 5 and one of the subscribers went faulty.

By mistake the engineer who did the re-installation of subsriber kept different OS Administration password for Subscriber but is working fine till date with no issues of db replication or accessing DRS page.

the same cluster we upgraded to version 9 recently and is still working fine.



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