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Cheap FXS SIP Aggregation for CCM 6.x

Hi All,

I'm trying to aggregate some analog handsets on a CCM 6.x as the customer doesn't wish to have all IP handsets and at the same time, doesn't like the view of 10's of ATAs in a rack !

I found a product called WellTech WellGate2608 which has 8 FXS ports, LAN and WAN interfaces. In simple words, this is a SIP gateway that can connect to SIP proxies to establish cheap International calls.

I managed to configure a new SIP security profile on CCM 6.x, created the relevant user accounts and one of the analog phones was ringing on the telephony network. CCM recognized the unit and identifed 8 lines associated with it when aI added it as a 3rd-party SIP device. The problem with this WellGate device is that each line needs a separate SIP account and you cannot use the same account on all lines ! So the minute the unit SIP-registers with CCM, I couldn't get another line to work. I tried different approaches with no luck ... even by creating multiple user accounts, you can only use one of them on the SIP phone config page as the "Digest User" box ... the user associates with the phone (which is the entire WellGate unit) rather than the individual line.

Has anyone worked on this brand? If not, or if it's useless to waste my time, can anyone recommend a reasonably priced unit that can give me 24 FXS ports without using ATAs or the stupidly expenisve analog gateways from Cisco !!!



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