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CIPC Installation in CCME

What are the procedures to install the CIPC in CCM Express version 4.1. Kindly suggest how to get the ios and the best methord to do it. The flash is :c2800nm-spservicesk9-mz.124-11.XJ4.bin

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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

Hi Sunny,

Long time my friend, hope all is well :)

Support for IP Communicator was added in CME 4.0 so you should be good to go! Have a look at the steps below;

SCCP: Configuring Cisco IP Communicator Support

To enable support for Cisco IP Communicator, perform the following steps.


Cisco Unified CME 4.0 or a later version

Cisco IP Communicator 2.0 or a later version

IP address of the Cisco Unified CME TFTP server

(Optional) Headsets with microphones for users



Step 1 Download the latest version of the Cisco IP Communicator software and install it on your PC.

The download website is at

Step 2 (Optional) Attach a headset with microphone to your PC.

Step 3 Start the Cisco IP Communicator application.

Step 4 Define the IP address of the Cisco Unified CME TFTP server.

a. Open the Network > User Preferences window.

b. Enter the IP address of the Cisco Unified CME TFTP server.

Step 5 Wait for the Cisco IP Communicator application to connect to Cisco Unified CME and register.

Step 6 Configure the extension numbers and line buttons for the Cisco IP Communicator.

Use the normal phone provisioning commands described in the "SCCP: Creating Directory Numbers" section. In the type command, use the CIPC keyword to identify this phone as a Cisco IP Communicator.


SCCP: Verifying Cisco IP Communicator Support


Step 1 Use the show running-config command to display ephone-dn and ephone information associated with this phone.

Step 2 After Cisco IP Communicator registers with Cisco Unified CME, it displays the phone extensions and soft keys in its configuration. Verify that these are correct.

Step 3 Make a local call from the phone and have someone call you. Verify that you have a two-way voice path.


SCCP: Troubleshooting Cisco IP Communicator Support


Step 1 Use the debug ephone detail command to diagnose problems with calls. For more information, see the Cisco Unified CME Command Reference.


From this good doc;

Hope this helps!


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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

Hi Rob

how are you doing ? here everything going smooth, thanks you very much for your proper guidance to install the CIPC . I really appreciate your help.




Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

A quick and easy way is as follows:

1) make sure your telephony-service has enough 'max-ephones' and 'max-dn' configured to allow for the addition of the new CIPC phone and DNs you will assign it.

2) create ephone-dn(s) to be used by CIPC.


ephone-dn 10 dual

number 2002

3) create an ephone to be used by CIPC


ephone 7

MAC xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

type cipc

button 1:10

4) be sure the CIPC PC is in a proper vlan to talk to the CCME/TFTP server and it should register as soon as the ephone creation is completed.

Please see the following link for more info on CCME phone setup:

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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

Hi Greg,

Excellent tips buddy! +5 points for this very helpful info.

Take care!



Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

tyvm master.....! <@:)~

why do you always beat me by one minute when answering??

you R quick and i never notice until it is too late.

(and you wrote an entire chapter of a book compared to my 8 liner)

yesterday i posted, saw you posted immediately prior and just removed my post...i hate to sound repetitive; especially after the master has given his input, mine sounds so trivial.'s tough to be grounded like a turkey when you're surrounded by soaring eagles!!!

PS...nobody gives me 5 points without getting them right back!!!

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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

Hey Greg,

Thanks so much! I love the master reference hahaha......not quite. Never remove a post, the more the merrier :) Plus I get beat out by a minute all the time due to my "Baboon like" typing skills (should have never skipped all those classes in Typing 10 ;-)

Keep on Rockin!


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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

Hi Greg

Thank you for your help to configure the CIPC in the proper way.

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Re: CIPC Installation in CCME

hi  ,

mac address whether these cipc can from a computer device that has been installed? if cipc installed on your computer so that the mac address to use is the mac address of that computer.

please  !!!!

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