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cisco 1760 question..

Hi seniors,

I purchased Cisco 1760 router from ebay.

It has 96MB Dram (64 build in and 32 installed) and 32mb Flash on board. Router is unable to load the IOS as it says "image too big to load" and it means i am to add more memory. Now the question(s)

1-How much momery should I add & what type (DRAM OR FLASH)

2-How to know what is maximam that 1760 support because one of my friend told me that 1760 that came before 2003 November supports maximum of 96MB ram whereas 1760 that came after November 2003 supports maximum of 128MB ram. I can see all the CME files are lodad but due to insufficient amount of memory router is unable to load the image. Please guide me as I am new in networking field. Thanks.


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