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Cisco 7941 IP Phone

The 7941 IP phone always gets connected to the speaker mode directly. The receiver set is not working or connecting. Is it any configuration issue or hardware issue.

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Re: Cisco 7941 IP Phone

Hi Sathiyajith,

I'm 99% sure its RMA time for these phones. This is most likely a problem with the Hookswitch. After deploying Cisco IP Phones for the last few years, we (and many others) have found this to be the most common hardware problem.

There is a "Best Practice" for cleaning the Hookswitch contacts (link below) that does work on occasion. Usually the phone has to be replaced/RMA'd.

Best?? Practices for Cleaning and Troubleshooting Cisco IP Phone Hookswitch

From this interesting Tech note;

There was also a problem with the 7.2 phone firmware that caused similar looking symptoms for the 3rd generation phones like the 7970/7961/7941. This could be rectified in the short term by booting the phone. If your issue can be fixed by resetting the phone and you are running 7.2 firmware, let me know and I will find you the Bug.

Hope this helps!



Re: Cisco 7941 IP Phone


I thought this was an issue with just the 7961, but had to replace the owner's 7970 last week. :-(

Thanks for the great information above though as I thought I was just taking the easy way out and replacing.

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Re: Cisco 7941 IP Phone

Hi Liz,

Good stuff! We have had this with all IP Phone models. If you ever take one of these apart you will see that the "Hookswitch" mechanism is pretty Micky Mouse (no offense Micky :)

I'm hoping for a better design one of these days.

Take care,


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