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Cisco 7960 SIP 8.6 feature suggestions

Does anybody know how to get feature requests in to Cisco for the SIP code? While they are fixing a lot of bugs, I don't think they are actively developing it much. I am sure they want us all to buy Cisco Call Manager :)

Here is my wishlist so far:

It would be nice if the speed dial keys could be programmed via TFTP, and if they could support Busy Lamp field via SIP SUBSCRIBE to tell you if somebody is available/not available or on the phone.

XML or URL push would also be good, or some mechanism to update the display to better inform the user what is going on. (maybe being able to change the "Your current options" line to something else) Although I have put in a workaround for this, it is ugly.

More descriptive error messages other than "Reorder" for *every* SIP error would be good. Yes, the call setup failed. *why*?? Seems we are not allowed to see the actual SIP response coming back which is trying to tell us why the call failed.

Ability to change the default tones that the phone uses for inside and outside line if you assign a dialplan prefix, and the "reorder" tone, which cannot be changed. It makes no sense in the UK because it sounds too much

like the Engaged (busy) tone. (Users just dial again and again thinking it's busy, when in fact there is some other problem!) I want to be able to change it.

STUN support.

URL to go to on idle.

Turn off fake DTMF tones when I press keys. this gives the user the impression the number is being dialed live, so if they mis-key, they hang up and start again rather than just correcting the number and pressing "Dial"

Option to reset back to number dialing after a URL has been dialled. Phone remains in URL mode for subsequent calls.

The Cisco default dialtone when you pick up the handset, which I can see no way of changing, is.. err...Bellcore-outside. So what happens here is that you get the outside dialtone by default, then when you press 9 to get an outside line, you get the... err.... Inside dialtone. (so it goes from Low to High tone instead of High to Low tone) There seems to be no way to reverse this default behaviour. Anybody figured out how?

Being able to specify a different ring tone for different incoming lines, and/or to set the ring tone in a SIP Alert-Info: message. Currently it allows only to set the ring cadence. (And only one choice at that, it seems to ignore all the other settings in the documentation.)

Soft key to reject an incoming call (return a SIP busy notification)

Ability to conference in an incoming and an outgoing call. Currently you can only do this if the second call is outgoing. If you receive, for example, a call on call waiting, you cannot conference this in with first call, you have to hang up call them back.

Since we use the "Transfer" feature much more than the Confn feature, it would be useful if it could be on the first screen, rather than having to press "More" and then press "Transfer" all the time. (I note that on the 7961, BlndXfr seems to have gone, and Transfer is now on the first screen.)

Bug when a call is hung up with the headset, the headset button stays lit when the caller hangs up. (Phone returns to idle but does not reset the headset state)

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Re: Cisco 7960 SIP 8.6 feature suggestions

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Re: Cisco 7960 SIP 8.6 feature suggestions

Thanks, I've got all that but I'm not sure that answers any of my questions / Features that do not exist.

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