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cisco 7960GE phone is not working with gig speed

We have connected the laptop on the back of 7961 GE and the laptop show 1gig speed.

But we have noticed that when we copy a large file ( 300 meg ) then it takes about 10 mins , at the same time if I connect the laptop on the data port ( instead of phone data port ) then it copy the same file in 20 sec.

I am using cisco 3560 switches and ccm 5.1

Also I have tested the same with 7970 and has same problem. however 7960 that supports 100 meg works a bit fine , it copy the file in 30 sec..

is it some know bug or am i missing something ?


Re: cisco 7960GE phone is not working with gig speed

Firstly ensure that the both the Laptop and IP Phone PC port are set to auto-auto, this is the default on the Phone.

Also verify that the 3560 switchport is also configured for auto-auto. Once you have confirmed these settings verify what the operating speed/duplex is on the Laptop, Phone and on the Switchport. Is there any mismatches? If this is the case, then this where the problem resides.

Can you also confirm what firmware you on the 7961/7970, in order to verify whether they are any known issue concerning the symptoms you have oberved.



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