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Cisco 7961 Phone resets when phone is taken off-hook

This is a weird one and i don't know if it is worth a TAC case or not.

Here is the Scenario.

We run a backup network over VPN and sometimes when we do an initial site opening were run off of this back up network for a few days/weeks while we wait on the main T1 network's installation to finish.

The connection goes something like this   VPN Device-->Cisco2811RTR-->Cisco3650SW-->7961Phone

When the phone is booted up it registers, loads and comes up with the line instances and everything looks good then if you try and start a call either by picking up the receiver or pressing the call button it reloads.

if you let is sit for a minute or so it will start repeatedly rebooting.  This continues to happen reloading and reloading.

The really weird part is it stops and stabilizes if you connect a computer to it immediately or if you let it sit for about 30 minutes to an hour.

This is Callmanagar 7.X and 7961 phone. I have tried factory reseting the phones. It dosn't happen if you connct the phones to a internal switch. i may span the port and wireshark it. jsut to see what is happening.

any ideas would be appreciated.

New Member

Re: Cisco 7961 Phone resets when phone is taken off-hook

                   I have attached the Wireshark Capture of the process happening. I cut the original capture to begin right as the reload starts till the reaload is caused again.  You can see several packet retransmits here. I may take this to tac.



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