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Cisco 7962 not change locale


I want to change locale on 7962 cisco ip phone. But no success( My config:

 max-ephones 50
 max-dn 50
 ip source-address port 2000
 timeouts ringing 60
 system message XXXX
 cnf-file location flash:
 cnf-file perphone
 user-locale RU
 time-zone 31
 time-format 24
 date-format dd-mm-yy
 max-conferences 8 gain -6
 transfer-system full-consult
 transfer-pattern 1....
 transfer-pattern 9..
 transfer-pattern 0.........
 create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Jul 30 2014 20:17:13

I have needed archive in my flash:

CME_3925e_R#sh flash | i CME
33     1597440 Jun 19 2014 14:39:44 +03:00 its/CME-locale-ru_RU-Russian-

as well as locale for 7962:

CME_3925e_R#sh flash | i mk
110      71306 Jul 30 2014 20:44:14 +03:00 its/mk-sccp.jar
369      71306 Jul 1 2014 11:53:48 +03:00 mk-sccp.jar
382      73504 Jul 1 2014 11:53:56 +03:00 mk-sip.jar

But if do debug tftp events, phone does even try to find any jar files((((

Jul 30 20:50:38.664 Ukraine: TFTP: Looking for CTLSEPDCA5F48791F7.tlv
Jul 30 20:50:38.792 Ukraine: TFTP: Looking for ITLSEPDCA5F48791F7.tlv
Jul 30 20:50:39.470 Ukraine: TFTP: Looking for SEPDCA5F48791F7.cnf.xml.sgn
Jul 30 20:50:39.470 Ukraine: TFTP: Opened flash0:/SEPDCA5F48791F7.cnf.xml.sgn, fd 4, size 1452 for process 484
Jul 30 20:50:39.472 Ukraine: TFTP: Finished flash0:/SEPDCA5F48791F7.cnf.xml.sgn, time 00:00:00 for process 484

I also noticed that there was no file with sgn extension, so I copied it from this binding created by CME itself:

CME_3925e_R#sh telephony-service tftp-bindings | i 91F
tftp-server flash:/its/vrf1/SEPDCA5F48791F7.cnf.xml alias SEPDCA5F48791F7.cnf.xml

But still English language((( Please help.

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If the phone is asking for

If the phone is asking for the file with sgn, it means the phone has a CTL or ITL installed.  May want to delete them.


Might also want to do a "no create cnf-files" then "create cnf-files" under telephony-service then reset the phone and watch the TFTP debug again.

Recreating CNF files didnt

Recreating CNF files didnt help. And how can I delete CTL and ITL files? Factory reset?


Settings->Security Configuration->Trust List->Hit **#->Unlock->Erase.  Factory reset would also do it.

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