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Cisco 8800 Series default wallpaper and ringtone:

I have added custom wallpaper and ringtones through TFTP server and all works well.  I actually removed all of the wallpaper and ringtones that came with the devices and was trying to only put the custom ones on there as the options.  This worked except for the "default" wallpaper and ringtone.  Is there a way to remove these.

The default ringtone is Sunrise.rwb but I don't see that file out on TFTP server anywhere so I assume it resides on the phone?

Any help with removing these so I can use just the custom files is appreciated!




Hi @kyleham25,You cannot

Hi @kyleham25,

You cannot delete those default files but you can do something similar. You can hide those files from the ring list by modifying the "Ringlist.xml" file.

For example, if you have  ring1.raw, ring2.raw and ring3.raw and you only want to show ring1.raw, do the following:

       <DisplayName>Ring 1</DisplayName>

When the phone restarts it will download the new Ring list and it will only show the rings that you have set in the Ringlist.xml file.

For more info:


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Thanks for the response.  I

Thanks for the response.  I have done this and I am able to hide the ones I want, but it still gives the default ringtone as an option.  For instance, we have new Cisco 8841 and 8851 phones and the default ringtone is Sunrise.  When I look at the original Ringlist-wb.xml file I don't see Sunrise listed as an option.  So when I make a new file as shown below, it displays the ones I want as options but Sunrise is still there and can still be played and used. Furthermore, Sunrise.* is not on the TFTP server at all, so that leads me to believe it is on the device. So is there a way to prevent that from being seen?

         <DisplayName>Ring 1</DisplayName>
         <DisplayName>Ring 2</DisplayName>


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Did you ever figure out a

Did you ever figure out a solution here?  

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Unfortunately that isn't

Unfortunately that isn't correct for recent Cisco phones like the 8800 series, which have ringtones in firmware that can't be hidden.

If there was an option to set a default ringtone (and optionally lock the ringtone) like there is for wallpaper, that would be sufficient but unfortunately that doesn't seem to be there either.


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