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Cisco 8831 and CM 8.5.1

I have read the other thread regarding adding an 8831 to a 8.5.1 cluster. I wanted to make sure I understand everything very clearly.


  • Since adding the device pack's main goal will to be to support a new device on the cluster (an 8831), a clusterwide reboot will be necessary for an 8831 to register to this cluster.
  • All of the firmware for the existing phones in the cluster will also be updated (including the device defaults), so if any phone reboots going forward it will have to go through a firmware update before it can be used.

Am I understanding this completely and correctly?



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Yes, cluster reboot is

Yes, cluster reboot is mandatory for new device support

No, which phones will get a new FW is outlined in the RNs/README. You might even get a downgrade. But yes, the DevPack will update the device defaults as necessary and phones will get the new FW if they're reset or reboot.



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Hi All,I just want to double

Hi All,

I just want to double check something here because I am facing the same scenario.  We are running on call manager 8.5.1. and we need to be able to add the 8831 conference phone.  I have the device pack and I would prefer to add only the new device to the call managers (one pub, two subscribers) and not have all 12 of our remote offices downloading new firmware at the same time.

Won't the phones reboot when the cluster is reset?  Is there anyway to not have all of the phones reboot when I bounce each server?

To avoid the new download happening accross the board at all at once I was thinking of trying what Chris suggested in this thread, upload the new device pack and prior to the cluster reboot change the default load back to the current load.

Will this method get me the new 8831 conference phone option AND not having all of the phones in all 12 remote offices bounce at once?

Please let me know.

Thank you!





Vicky, The method Chris used



The method Chris used will allow you to get the new 8831 phone model added in CUCM without your other model phones needing to update firmware.



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Excellent!  Thank you Brian.

Excellent!  Thank you Brian.

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Hi All, Is there any reason

Hi All,


Is there any reason to not just upload toe cop file for the 8831 ip conference phone?  I didn't think it was available as just a single download but my co-worker found it.  Is there any reason I can't just upload the file?  My call manager is on 8.5.1 release.

8831 IP Phone SIP Firmware - Compatible with CCM Versions: 7.1(5) and above
Release Date:17/Jun/2013
File Name:cmterm-8831-sip.9-3-3-5.cop.sgn
Size:15.63 MB (16391140 bytes)
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Brian, correct me if I am

Brian, correct me if I am wrong but the COP file probably just updates existing firmware and doesn't load support for said new device.

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Hi Chris,You are correct. 

Hi Chris,

You are correct.  COP file only updates.  It doesn't add the new device.  My co-workers had me thinking I was over complicating this but...not so much.


I am going to you use your method so I can get the 8831 added but not have all phones in 12 offices bouncing and downloading at the same time.


Thank you all.




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The other thing to think

The other thing to think about as well is that if you are using CMGs, then the phones won't go down for long as they re-register with their secondary server.

Cisco Employee

Because that's only the FW,

Because that's only the FW, that won't add the device to CUCM's DB.

Adding FW to CUCM has never meant you're adding support for a new device.

So, you need a new device??? DevPack, or device enabler (if it exists)

Need to upgrade FW?? Install FW .cop file



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The COP file just contains

The COP file just contains the firmware files and sets the device defaults.  It can only be used for upgrading firmware of an existing device.  In order to get the 8831 added as an option in the database, you have to do the device pack installation first.  Cisco has released COP files to allow adding a single device a few times in the past, but they chose not to go that route when they added the 8831 or any of the most recently released phone models.

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As Brian alluded to, this

As Brian alluded to, this went off without a hitch. As long as you change your device defaults back there will be no mass firmware update.

One thing you can do is take

One thing you can do is take note of all the device defaults now and set them back to original after the device pack update.  That way you don't have to worry about phones updating or downgrading firmware when they reset.

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So, it should go ahead and

So, it should go ahead and change the device defaults before a reboot, at which point we can change them back before the clusterwide reboot and they can do them at a later date?

What do you mean by changing

What do you mean by changing them now?  What would you be changing them to at this point?

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Here is what I imagine will

Here is what I imagine will have the least impact (and I'll probably lab it up to be sure)

  1. Notate in a spreadsheet the existing device defaults for each device
  2. Install the device pack on the server (do I only need to do this connected to the pub or will I need to do this on each of them?)
  3. Before doing anything else, change each device's default load back to what it was
  4. Reboot cluster

Regarding rebooting the cluster, should these be done one at a time waiting for one to come up before rebooting the next? We have some subs where TFTP has been offloaded . I assume everything will need to be rebooted.

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Hi Chris, Here we go  1.

Hi Chris,


Here we go smiley


1. Exactly


2. Apply to Pub then TFTP servers then all Subs.


3. Exactly


4. reboot Pub wait for it to come back up, then TFTP servers, then Subs (I prefer one at a time)




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One other question I had. I

One other question I had. I assume I only need to change device defaults back on the pub correct and then that change will filter to all the subs?

It will replicate to the

It will replicate to the other nodes assuming replication is working okay.

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Ok, I figured as much but

Ok, I figured as much but wanted to make sure.

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Looks like the dbreplication

Looks like the dbreplication status is all 2's so that's a good sign.

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BTW, I meant to say congrats

BTW, I meant to say congrats on the new gig Brian!

Thanks man!

Thanks man!

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