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cisco 8961 + CKEM reboot on CUCM 8.0


I have problem with the ipphones 8961+CKEM : the user told me that the phones reboot " unregistred" many times on the day.

There ara the information about the equipement:

1- CUCM Publisher  version : System version:

2- CUCM Subscriber version :System version:

3- Phone 8961 load version :sip8961.9-2-3-27

other , I found the log on the Phone, but i dont know how to ?

Please , would you mind to help to troubleshoot ?

PS : find in the attachement the phone logs

Thanks in advance


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cisco 8961 + CKEM reboot on CUCM 8.0


Not much help, but I have one customer who uses a few of these and they find them very unstable unless they are powered using mains power/power brick. And they have 30w PoE...

If that's the latest FW you can find maybe complain to TAC.


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cisco 8961 + CKEM reboot on CUCM 8.0

Hi all,

I found a new Release note for cisco 8961 : cmterm-8961.9-2-4-19.cop.sgn .

but also i found in the release note :

Open Caveats for Firmware Release 9.2.(4)  : the bug CSCtq47498 : After SSO, RT phones with KEMs reboot

I dont know if this is the source of the problem?


cisco 8961 + CKEM reboot on CUCM 8.0

How are the phones being powered?

Most likely this will be due to power issue.

Power Requirements

If the Cisco Unified IP Color Key Expansion Module is connected to a Cisco Unified IP Phone that uses 802.3AT power, a local power supply is not required. If the phone uses 802.3AF power, you must connect a power cube to it for it to supply power for all connected key expansion modules. If the phone is already locally powered by a power cube, no additional power cube is required when installing the key expansion module to it.


-Luis A.

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