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Cisco 9971 - Call Stuck on Main DN Line

Hello I have a Cisco 9971 Phone Running sip9971.9-0-1SR1. The device is registering to a CUCM Server running 7.13. Today I recieved a call that my user one of my users was seeing a call on "hold" on line 1, but could not hit the "resume" button, or "pick up the call". I was also told that since the call appeared to be put on "hold" the top right hand corner of the phone did not show an incrementing call time, it was just blank. When I heard of the issue to troubleshoot, I looked at my G/W, and I did not see any active inbound or outbound calls, to the Phone Number showing up on the Line 1 Display (caller-id). The Main DN line on this 9971 is a shared line on another 9971 and on the other 9971 they did not show that the 9971 with a problem had an active call.

To resolve the issue  I just simply reloaded the 9971 and the phone display returned to normal. Has anyone encountered this issue before on a 9971?



Re: Cisco 9971 - Call Stuck on Main DN Line

This sounds like a symptom rather than a cause.  Meaning, the stuck display may be a side affect from an abnormal call event or failed mid-call feature.  Wouldn't be surprised if the shared line configuration had something to do with it.  I am not one to push firmware upgrades, but it is worth considering.  Both 9.0(2) and 9.0(3) firmwar versions are available.  The 9.0(2) didn't last long, so I would skip it.  But, you may want to look at the release notes of both.  There were a couple of defects that may be close to what you are seeing but it is hard to tell from the titles (not all defects are publicly available, which makes it even more difficult to determine root cause).

In my experience something like this would happen after a call failure, so it is a good idea to find out what happened prior to the user noticing the stuck display.

The release notes:



HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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