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Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1

Hello everyone,

we are experiencing a strange problem with 9971 phones:

We have two CUCM 9.1 clusters

Our production-cluster: Publisher, 3 Subscribers, dedicated TFTP, Unity Connection, CUPS

and our Lab environmant: Publisher, 1 Subscriber, TFTP on Publisher, Unity Connection, CUPS

In our production environment, 9971 phones work fine

In our lab environment, 9971 also work fine at first, but after some hours, sometimes days, or after a phone is resettet manually via CUCM administration the phone won't register anymore. After the phone is rebooted, the display briefly shows the correct directory number and line but they disappear immediatley and the phone is stuck with "Phone not registered" after that. The only way I can get the phone to register again after that is to completely reset all settings on the phone.

Both clusters are located within the same subnet, as well as the phones use the same voice vlan (manual tftp setting in both cases). It doesn't seem to be a network-related issue.

I have tested the same devices with both clusters, so the devices themselves seem to work properly too.

Has anyone experienced this sort of problem before? Any help would be appreciated.



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Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1

Hi Matthias,

Did you happen to grab the logs off the phone the last time this happened?

It'd be interesting to see what the phone believed was happening.

-Mark Turpin

-- -Mark Turpin
Community Member

Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1

Hi Mark,

best I can provide you with at the moment is this:

Status Messages on the phone:

Updating Trust List

Trust List Updated

SEPE840....cnf.xml.sgn (http)

VPN Error: VPN is not Configured

Also,  I have captured some Wireshark Traces. I took  one phone that was  registered and sent a reset request from the CUCM  Web-Interface. The  phone then rebooted and got stuck with "Phone not  registered" as I  described in my first post.

I unplugged the LAN  cable, put it  back in and captured what happened while the phone tried  to register  using a Span port at my access switch. You can find the pcap file attached to the first post.




Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1

Thanks for pointing that out I missed it the first time.

Do you know why you're getting FCS errors by chance?  Just curious if maybe there's something lower level going on here.

I see the phone register and get back the 200/OK from CM and download its buttons.  So at this point I'd want to see what the FCS's are about and also pull the phone logs to see what he thinks is happening.

-Mark Turpin

-- -Mark Turpin
Community Member

Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1


I have uploaded the phone log. There are a couple of errors. Up to now, I was unable to figure out the underlying reason.

I can't really say why we are getting the FCS errors. There are no differences at the network layer between production and lab system (same subnet, same datacenter). So I would assume, that the network connection is not causing the problems.

I will however check later, whether I see the same FCS errors between phones and the production system.

- Matthias

Cisco 9971 "not registered" after Reset on CUCM 9.1


Did you ever find out what the reason was?



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