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Cisco ATA 186 HELP!!!!!

We just upgraded CUCM from 7.1.5 to 8.6. We have roughly 40 of these ATA's and I'm seeing that a few of them did not like the upgrade one bit, as now they won't do anything. They show up in Callmanager as "Unknown", therefore I can't see the IP address or anything. I was able to get some IP's off of a switch and I could see they were in the correct format. When going to the ATA's webpage, I can see that the ones that won't do anything have older firmware. One that's not working has ATA030203SCCP051201A.zup firmware. Another one that's not working has 030201 firmware. The ones that are working just fine have ATA030204SCCP090202A.zup firmware. I can't figure out for the life of me how to force these ATA's that won't work to upgrade their dang firmware. I've seen everything from trying to make Callmanager TFTP do it, to doing it from the local computer and a TFTP server. I can't get either to work at all. I can press the setup button and can hear options but I have no clue what to do from there. In the past I've never had a problem with any ATA's or their firmware. I program the extension in Callmanager, plug the ATA up, and voila it'd work without a hitch. Now, not so much. I could sure use some help here!!!!                  

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Cisco ATA 186 HELP!!!!!

This ought to get you started to upgrade the ATA by pressing the setup button:

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