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Cisco ATA 186 issues

I have a an ATA 186 at my house that is used for regular cordless phones. I don't know what it is, but every couple of days the box locks up and has to be power cycled. It de-registeres itself with my CUCM7 and of course there is no dial tone. A simple power cycle and it comes right back, but for a couple of days again. Anyone ever experienced this or have any ideas what it might be? It is using the latest SCCP firmware.


Cisco ATA 186 issues


Is that the issue observed only when Cordless Analog phone base is connected to ATA port or also with normal analog phone ( with cord ) ?

Further, are you on ATA 186 firmware version 3.2.4 ? If not, it can be downloaded from here


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Cisco ATA 186 issues

I don't have any corded phones to try. This is completely random. The only way it's noticed is someone goes to pick up the cordless phone and there is no dial tone. I did notice it is running 3.2.3, so I am going to upgrade it tonight. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!

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