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Cisco CDR - 9.911 hang ups not showing

There was a 911 call that went out our callmanager but whoever did it did not talk to the operator. In order to track down who made this call and hung up I want to use CDR under tools in serviceablility.

In the CDR > Device Reports > Gateway and with our pattern of 9.911 I navagated to the gateway the 911 call went out. I was unable to find this call. I started to do some testing. I called out the same gateway to a personal cell phone and answerd it. This call showed in the log. I then called the same cell phone but hung up before I answerd the cell phone this time. This attempted call was not logged in the CDR.

The 911 call was probably never answerd in time therefore did not show in my log. Is there a better way to track down this outgoing call? Does anyone know why the CDR does not list an attempted call if it made it out the gateway but not answered?

This is a big problem because a lot of prank or accidental 911 calls will be hung up right away, the caller often does not stay on the line to tell the 911 operator it was a mistake.

Anyone have any solutions?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cisco CDR - 9.911 hang ups not showing

Hi Scott,

The calls you are looking for would be referred to as "Zero Duration Calls" which by default are not collected. You should set this parameter;

CDR-Related Service and Enterprise Parameters

The following service parameters apply to CDRs:

Max CDR Records - Cisco Database Layer Monitor service parameter that controls the maximum number of CDRs on the system. When this limit is exceeded, the oldest CDRs automatically get removed, along with the related CMR records, once a day. The default specifies 1.5 million records.

CDR Enabled Flag - Cisco CallManager service parameter that controls whether CDRs are generated. Set this parameter on each Cisco CallManager in the cluster. You do not need to restart the Cisco CallManager for the change to take effect.

**CDR Log Calls With Zero Duration Flag - Cisco CallManager service parameter that controls whether calls with zero duration are logged in CDRs. The default specifies False (zero duration calls not logged).

Call Diagnostics Enabled - Cisco CallManager service parameter that controls whether call diagnostic records containing QoS information about calls are generated. The default specifies False (diagnostics not generated).

Hope this helps!


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Re: Cisco CDR - 9.911 hang ups not showing

I also faced this issue, aside from the 0 duration calls not being logged, CDR records were by default only loaded once a day. For a call that wasn't 0 duration, I would have had to wait an entire day for the record to be availiable to me. Not fast enough for the PSAP. In CCM 4.2, CallManager Serviceability -> Tools -> CDR Analysis and Reporting -> System -> Scheduler -> CDR Load there are options for the frequency of CDR loads.

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Re: Cisco CDR - 9.911 hang ups not showing


I thought that this might be the answer and when I went to check the CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag it was already set to True. Is this a bug? I am running Callmananger 6.1. I also checked both our servers. Got any other ideas?

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