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Cisco CDR Files are not getting processed


I have a Cisco Call Manager Publisher 6.x version. I am facing problem with the CDR Report generation.

when i try to generate a CDR Report am getting the CDR report as blank. Data is not available for the date range selected.

Below are the observation on the CCM Server

1. CDR Enable Flag was set to " True "

2. Uncheck the Disable Loader check box in

System > Scheduler > CDR Load Option

3. Check the Continuous Loading 24/7 check box and click the update button.

Restarted the below services.

Cisco CDR Agent

Cisco Database Layer Monitor

Cisco CDR Repository Manager

Cisco CAR Scheduler

Cisco SOAP - CDRonDemand Service

Cisco CAR Web Service

Even after the above service restart I am not able to generate CDR report as it shows blank report.

One observation was when i check the

file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/preserve folder i am seeing the files for the respective dates under this folder but

when i checked the " file list activelog /cm/cdr_repository/processed folder i am not seeing any files under this folder as it shows zero files

that means the files have not been processed yet.

How do i make sure that file should be processed.

Is this a problem call manager or CAR schedular service.

I tried restarting CAR schedular multiple times but i am not seeing any files under processed folder.

Please help me in solving this problem

Thanks & Regds,



Cisco CDR Files are not getting processed

If you just enable your CDR. wait for some time for it to collect some calls

If not the issue. You need a TAC help to modify your CDR parameters which will be related to an old date will need to be modified. I think you may be looking on 1970



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