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Cisco CME 2921 Problem transfer full-consult after IVR


It's a CME in the router 2921 .

It's a ephone-dn dual-line 1111.

It's enabling feature transfer full-consult :

 transfer-system full-consult"


If I call to 1111 then transfer to another destination with consult  - It's OK .


But I have IVR vxml script  for incoming calls :

Some IVR VXML script ,  which collects digits and transfer to local phones in CME :

" <transfer connecttimeout="40s" name="mycall"  destexpr="number" bridge="false">   "

And I try to call incoming call , then script digit collect number  1111

Phone 1111  hang on , after try to transfer with consult to another destination (for example 2222) , phone 2222 hang on  and Phone 1111 hang off but calls between outside call and 2222 can't connect . Phone 1111 shows that outside call hold and call 2222 doesn't connect.

May be Someone appeared  the same problem.






Dual lines are not supported

Ignore my comment.

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 Phones of 1111 and 2222 are

 Phones of 1111 and 2222 are sссp phones .

New Member

conf tCME(config)#vxml

conf t
CME(config)#vxml version 2.0
CME(config)#vxml allow-star-digit


it just work for me, and fix transfer problem after IVR.

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