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Cisco CME 8.6 and BACD TCL Script for AA


we have an CME with a fine running AA srcipt. Callers how dials into the CME, get into a queue, hear the announcement and then redirect to a huntgroup.

Now it should be combined with night-service feature in CME.

So I configured a dummy ephone-dn. I set call-forward all to the pilot of the AA. I set call-forward night-service to another number.

I added two dial-peers, so that internal callers also reach the AA. This works.

But the problem is, that callers from PSTN now doesn't reach the AA. Only if they are dial the AA 94 directly it works. But they should dial the 90, so that I can manage the call with night-service.

Here is the config.

# the translation rule and profile

# I now redirect to the new dummy number

# formerly the call redirect to 94

voice translation-rule 2

rule 1 /12340/ /90/

voice translation-profile IN

translate calling 1

translate called 2

# application


service aa flash:app-b-acd-aa-

  param number-of-hunt-grps 1

  paramspace english index 1

  param handoff-string aa

  paramspace english language en

  param max-time-vm-retry 1

  param aa-pilot 94

  param queue-overflow-extension 57

  paramspace english location flash:

  param second-greeting-time 120

  param call-retry-timer 5

  param voice-mail 57

  param max-time-call-retry 600

  param service-name queue


service queue flash:app-b-acd-

  param queue-len 10

  param aa-hunt1 95

  param aa-name aa

  param queue-manager-debugs 1

  param number-of-hunt-grps 2

voice-port 0/0/0:15

translation-profile incoming IN


echo-cancel coverage 32

no vad

cptone DE


dial-peer voice 1 pots

preference 7

incoming called-number .


# the old dial-peer to reach AA from PSTN

dial-peer voice 50 pots

service aa

incoming called-number 94

port 0/0/0:15

forward-digits all


# the new dial-peers

dial-peer voice 100 voip

destination-pattern 94

session target ipv4:

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad


dial-peer voice 101 voip

service aa

incoming called-number 94

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad


# the new dummy ephone-dn

ephone-dn  55  dual-line

number 90 secondary 123490 no-reg both

description TimeBasedRoutingNumber

call-forward all 94

call-forward busy 95

call-forward night-service 57

call-forward noan 95 timeout 3

night-service bell



ephone-hunt 1 sequential

pilot 95

list 50, 77

timeout 10, 10

display-logout logged off


Somebody can help?

Community Member

Cisco CME 8.6 and BACD TCL Script for AA


changed the POTS dial-Peer 1


incoming called-number .


incoming called-number [1-8].

Now it works. While night service no AA is present.

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