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Cisco DX650 - SX20 compatibility


I am testing a DX650 device registered on CUCM 7.1.5 and I have found a problem when this device calls to a SX20 videoconference device.

When I place a call from SX20 to DX650 it works fine but when I call from DX650 to SX20 I only get audio.

If I do the same test with all TANDBERG Edge95, always works fine.

Edge95 and SX20 are registered in the same VCS Control and this problem happen doing the call by H323 or by SIP.

Someone have had the same problem?

Thank you

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Cisco DX650 - SX20 compatibility

How is your CUCM connected to the VCS-C?

are you using a TMS?

is the SX20 registered with the CUCM? (think it needs 8.6 for this to work)

need to run a wireshark trace and identify the codec used in each direction

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Cisco DX650 - SX20 compatibility

Thanks for your answer,

The CUCM cluster is connected to VCS by SIP trunk.

I am using TMS 13.2

SX20 is not register en CUCM only is registered in VCS Control cluster as H.323 and SIP endpoint.

The codec negotiated in both cases is H.264

I observed that the call that is established without problems is established in encrypted mode even though the SX20 have encrytion set to off.


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