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Cisco DX70 unregistered after software update sipdx70.10-2-5-212

Performed an update to sipdx70.10-2-5-212 this past weekend and we have several DX70s behaving poorly after that.

The phone registers and is functional for a minute or two after reboot. Then it looses network connectivity. These are the console logs:

08/15/2016 10:54:33 TCP connection timed out
08/15/2016 10:54:34 CUCM closed TCP connection
08/15/2016 10:54:51 TFTP Timeout: CTLSEPXXXXXXXXXX.tlv

I have factory defaulted my device and it functions again on sipdx70.10-2-5-212

Once I begin installing updates from the Play Store, it begins to fail again.

I've narrowed it down to the Google app and Google Hangouts. As soon as either of these apps is installed, the phone looses all network connectivity. I've tried downgrading and with the same versions of those apps, the phone works normally. If the firmware is upgraded, the phone doesn't work anymore unless I downgrade those apps to defaults...

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I am using Cisco DX70 

I am using Cisco DX70 (sipdx70.10-2-5-154) and facing the issue as below:

・Wifi is suddenly disconnected

・Cisco WebEx application is disconnected

I collected the log file from Cisco Collaboration Problem Tool on DX70 and found that randomly TCP connection timed out:

08/31/2016 07:21:39 WiFi disconnected[******]: 54:4a:00:d1:2f:8f, <noname>, Ch: 48   

08/31/2016 07:21:39 TCP connection timed out   

08/31/2016 07:21:39 CUCM  10.***.***.***  closed TCP connection

08/31/2016 09:01:00 CUCM reset TCP connection   

08/31/2016 09:01:00 CUCM  10.***.***.**  closed TCP connection

Currently it is under investigation.




I am running into the exact same problem. I had a couple of follow up questions for you. What version of the DX firmware did you downgrade to in order to have a functioning endpoint? Do you know if there was a bug/defect logged against the issue? 

Thanks in advance.


HTH -Bill (b) (t) @ucguerrilla

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For the bug/defect... Not

For the bug/defect... Not sure. I never called TAC regarding this

I did not have to downgrade the endpoint. By setting Play Store updates to manual and downgrading the Google and Hangouts applications back to default version, you reboot the device and everything works. When you update the Play Store apps, just dont upgrade those two and you will be fine.

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