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Cisco EMCC with Microsoft OCS / Lync

Hi Support Community

Cannot find this information anywere online. We are currently using CUCIMOC and are looking at the options of upgrading to either CUCILYNC or Cisco Jabber.

Jabber seems to still be playing catchup with Lync with some noticeable limitations, one limitation is Cisco Jabber is not supported with EMCC. Does anyone know if OCS or Lync are supported with Cisco EMCC ?

Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.2.0 Release Notes

Extension Mobility Cross Cluster

Cisco Jabber for Windows does not currently support extension mobility cross cluster (EMCC).

Thanks, Carl

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Cisco EMCC with Microsoft OCS / Lync

The new CUCI-Lync client runs on Jabber code so it won't support it until the main client does. For obvious reasons, the actual OCS/Lync client itself wouldn't support Cisco EMCC.

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Cisco EMCC with Microsoft OCS / Lync

Thanks Jonathan, you dont happen to know if / when Jabber code will support EMCC ?

Cisco seem to be promoting mobility features like EMCC more and more and seperatly they seem to be pushing for businesses to move from OCS/Lync to Jabber so you would think they would have thought about these features.

At the moment when comparing apples with apples moving to Jabber when you already have a CUCIMOC installation just doesnt seem to be a convincing step.

I think Jabber as a fresh install for a business having no experience or knowledge of OCS/Lync will seem an appealing product but Cisco have some work to do to concince people to migrate from OCS/Lync.

Thanks, Carl

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Cisco EMCC with Microsoft OCS / Lync

I can't speak to roadmaped features here as they require an NDA. You can ask on the Collaboration User Group or your Cisco AM.

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