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Cisco Emergency Responder 9.0.2 not working with Catayst 3650

Other than upgrade our CER to version 10.X does anyone have a fix for getting cisco phones that are on 3650 switches to work with CER 9.X.  We could manually enter these phones but that seems painful. 

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Looks like only CER 10.0

Looks like only CER 10.0 support these models which is typical of CER product as they are always behind support on new switches. Cisco started to come up with COP files to address this, but only 2960+ switches are addressed via those thus far. So, unless they are coming up with COP file for 9.0 your only option is to upgrade.



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Does anyone have an update on

Does anyone have an update on this? I just ran into the same issue the hard way....

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We tried everything with no

We tried everything with no luck. If you want Emergency Responder to work with the new Cisco 3650 switches you must update your CER to 10.x.

To add to this project you must install the new Cisco Prime License Manager (free download from Cisco) and install on a server. CER 10.x will not properly handle phone licenses with any other method.

In order of installation. Install Prime License Manager first. Then work with Cisco to get a "Migration License" installed into PLM so you get credit for your existing phone licenses. Then upgrade to CER 10.x. Finally go back to PLM and enter the network information for your CER. They will then synchronize with each other.

This is a fairly large job. Make use of Cisco TAC for assistance.

Cisco has quite good information for installing PLM at this site...

A temporary workaround is to manually add all of the phones on your 3650 switch in CER.

Best of luck to you,

New Member

I was able to work around the

I was able to work around the issue for the most part by creating IP Subnets for my branch offices and assigning them to the correct ERL but that won't work in larger buildings where all the phones are on the same subnet but need multiple ERL's (e.g. Corp Front, Corp Back, etc...). Do you see any issues with this approach?


I'm already in contact with my rep at CDW about upgrading... fun... not

New Member

We are a spread out

We are a spread out organization, also. That said... I have never set up a subnet to ERL assignment. During the time in which we had 3650 switches that would not communicate with CER I had to go into "Unlocated Phones" in CER and search for any phone not automatically assigned. I would then have to manually assign it. This worked well until we could get our CER upgraded and Prime License Manager installed.

CDW offered to perform the installation of PLM and the upgrade of CER remotely.

It is really not that bad a job if you have a server to load PLM onto and have time to do all the prep work.

Call Manager 10.x requires PLM. Just so you know.

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I have also been told that to

I have also been told that to communicate with the new 3650 switches we have to upgrade to CER 10.x.

Also, to upgrade to CER 10.x you will have to install a new Cisco license manager server. CER 10.x requires this. Finally, you may have to upgrade the firmware on your older Cisco IP phones so that they will continue to work with 10.x.


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