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Cisco Gatekeeper


Im having a mental block here and i know its because im thinking too hard about the bigger picture.

We have CUCM in UK, Germany and some other places. We have a fleet of Avaya in US and Mexico. Each country has their own dial plan and are not willing to change to a global one so i thought if we could point everything to a gatekeeper there would be less admin on route patterns on the systems and i can handle the routing on the gatekeeper.

The theroy is that i will have an EUZone and a USZone. The EUZone will be local and the USZone (Avaya) being remote.

When a site registers to the gatekeeper we will agree on what digits will be sent and what digits will need to be recieved.

From my understanding the gatekeeper will need to translate their sent digits to a single global dial plan that matches the gatekeeper configuration, have the gatekeeper route and then use another translation to present the digits in the right format to the end gateway or gatekeeper.

For now, im just trying to translate the UK stuff to the global dial plan. the CUCM in the UK will send digits like X#XXXXXXX (X#= continent or cluser,XXX=site-id, XXXX= endpoint) so this needs to be translated to XXXXXXXX.

I know once ive got one working the rest will click into place i just cant get my head around the config on such a large scale.

Can anybody help?



p.s config attached

Cisco Employee

Re: Cisco Gatekeeper

This may not completely answer your question, but something to note here.  IOS GK does not natively do any digit manipulation.  If you want digit maniupulation, I'd do it on the egress of the CM trunk to the GK (match a partition on the CSS of the GK trunk to hit a translation rule), and then translate back inbound on the other side if needed.  Your other option is to configure CUBE on the GK and configure CUBE as a in-via/out-via proxy to do voice translation rules.  The latter is unnecessary, in my opinion, since it's a more simple configuration to translate at the endpoints than invoke a CUBE proxy.

Specifically regarding tech-prefixes: you'll likely want to send the call tot he GK with the tech prefix, and then have an inbound translation on the receiving GW to strip the tech prefix off.


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