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Cisco IOS SIP gateway UTF-8

Hello. I have client with CUCM 6.1.3 that connected to another CUCM(6.1.4) via 2821 with adv enterprise edition IOS(12.4). ISR is configured to be SIP control and media traffic middle point. Calls work well, but display information isn't transfered through 2821. On both ends russian locale used and caller id  displays normally within Communications Managers. Of course on both CUCM's checkbox "Transmit UTF-8" checked. I found some information on that and not sure  completely that caller id in russian won't transit through 2821.

Here what I found:

Restrictions for SIP RFC Compliance

• As found in RFC 3261, the following are not supported:

◦ Sending SIP UPDATE requests; the gateway is able to receive and process only UPDATE


◦ SIP with IPv6 host addresses.

◦ Secure SIPs. Secure SIPs are secure Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs). When a caller makes a

call using SIPs, the message transport is secure to the called party.

◦ Field characters 0x0 to 0x7E in quoted strings within SIP headers encoded in Unicode

Transformation Format Version 8 (UTF-8).

• As found in RFC 3264, support for bandwidth (b=) SDP attribute equal to 0 is not supported

from that document
So, does anyone meet this situation?

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