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Cisco IP Communicator over AnyConnect


We seem to have some problems with Cisco IP Communicator or softphones period.

We have great deal of call quality issues. We have choppy voice and some users report others sounding like darth vader.

Our laptops we're running on are fantastic with a minimum of 4 GB of RAM. We're running on Core 2 Duo CPU's...etc.

Some users are on Windows XP and some our on Windows 7.

Our users are all reporting good bandwidth and there comes a time where bandwidth has to stop being the thing people use to point fingers at....

It is also worth mentioning that the majority of our staff is on IP Communicator. Of those about 50% are remote users. Are we "weird" using this large portion of IP Communicator and can anyone share their experiences? My CIO and CEO are to the point of ripping out all Cisco IP Communicator and CUPC because we can not get reliable enough calls to our remote employees.

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Re: Cisco IP Communicator over AnyConnect

Hi Nathan,

Basically if it's multiple clients (CIPC, cupc etc) that are experiencing the voice quiality issue it could be related to the QOS etc something on the VPN network. Once the all is connected RTP for voice is streamed directly between end devices, so  please check the following in order to narrow down the issue.

1) Are all users experiecing this issue connected over the VPN ? Are any of the users who are connected in the LAN (locally in the office) experiencing this issue ?

2) Are all calls experiencing this choppy quality (ex: Internal calls, PSTN, remote CUCM calls over ICT etc) ?

3) Are both users on a call experiencing this choppy quality or it's the CIPC/CUPC user who always expriences this problem

4) You can get packet captures from both end points (basically on the softphone end and the remote party end) and listen to the streams to see if the sending end stream is good, but is choppy when it gets to the CIPC etc in both directions.

5) Finally what  type of headsets are you using ? Are you able to reproduce the same issue with different head sets ?



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Re: Cisco IP Communicator over AnyConnect

Todays issues for example...

We had roughly 40 users call in over the VPN. It seems to be just VPN...that is a good idea though about capturing the streams to see if the quality is one sided. The problem is replicating the issue. I know a few people have great network and when we watch their jitter etc they do not have any packet loss or jitter. We seem to think it's CPU bug again that doesn't sound likley.

I do not think we have any QoS over the VPN. Can you speak more about the type of QoS you can do over the VPN. When we asked our partner they basically said we couldn't do any real QoS over the VPN.

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Re: Cisco IP Communicator over AnyConnect

Has there been any further work on this issue?  I have a client who is having similar issues and I'd like to know if this was resolved.

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Re: Cisco IP Communicator over AnyConnect

I had a similar situation.  Check to see if you Global Policy map is inspecting for rtsp.  If it is, remove that:

policy-map global_policy

   class inspection_default

      no inspect rtsp

That fixed the issue for us.

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