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Cisco IP Communicator problems


For some time now we have been using the Cisco IPC software (v2). A common problem exsists for the majority of our user base regarding performance when travelling. It would seem when they are using the IPC from a public internet connection performnce is very poor, especially voice delay.

In testing we have shown that even in very high latency environments voice quality is good and delay is almost unnoticable.

This has made us question a potential issue with using our IPC software through our Checkpoint VPN gateways.

I guess the issue could be bandwidth but again during times when I noticed problems I was able to download at over 1Mbps and also checked our local internet gateway and again no signs of congestion.




Re: Cisco IP Communicator problems

- What codec are you using over VPN?

Are you using G729 codec?

(Optimize for Low bandwidth option)

- What bandwidth do you have underlying the VPN connection (i.e. is this

a DSL, cable, or LAN connection?)

- Does audio quality suffer only intermittently when the other apps are

running, or does the very moment you launch those other apps cause audio to go bad and stay that way?

- Have you tried to adjust the level of the headset ?

- Calls with problems are to Internal extensions or to PSTN numbers?

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Re: Cisco IP Communicator problems

We are using G629 and have tried both optimize and not optimize. The underlying bandwidth is random - ie this happens from multiple locations. Lets however take my broadband connection at home, Cable with 10Mbps down and 512kbps up. The audio quality is generally poor, mostly the delay and this can heppen for 100% of a call or intermittent. There seems to be no relation to headset or indeed or applications running.

As another point I also have a Cisco IP hard phone at home and if I use this the quality is much better (ie no delay) If I then swap to the Cisco IPT quality degrades (delay increases)



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