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CISCO IP Communicator Questions

Hi there,

I would like to ask about the CISCO IP Communicator. What are the internet requirements for the CISCO IP Communicator to work? I tried to install this in my officemates' laptop, and was successfully installed but the problem is when I call, I couldn't be heard by the person that I'm calling on the other line. Could this be on our wifi internet? And what headset is being read by the ip communicator? Because another officemate of mine has a headset but it wasn't compatible with the IP Communicator and I have to use my own headset for the ip communicator to work.

I hope someone would answer my inquiries.




CISCO IP Communicator Questions


About the problem. It can be your internet problem. May be delay is more , no QOS, loss of packets etc...

Supported headset :- Cisco do not Certify any headset to work with IP Communicator.

Are you able to get the sound from the other person or your voice is not reaching other person.


Ronak patel

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CISCO IP Communicator Questions

thanks so much for the help. when I installed the ip communicator on my officemates' laptop, my voice could be heared by the person that i'm calling, but i couldn't hear from the other person.


CISCO IP Communicator Questions

Hi April

You need to understand how the audio is routed between devices here.

When you call between two handsets (IP Communicator and the desk phone) an RTP session is required in each direction between these devices. Audio does not flow via the CUCM.

You need to ensure that the PC running IP Communicator can ping the desk phone and vice versa.

Are you using a VPN on the PC with CIPC back to the office? If so, you will need to ensure that your firewall policies will allow the traffic to flow from the internal network (desk phone) to the remote PC in both directions. Commonly this is not allowed.


Barry Hesk

Intrinsic Network Solutions

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Re: CISCO IP Communicator Questions


How can I use the RTP session? I saw it our CISCO 7945 handsets that in the Settings >> Device Configuration >> Network Configuration >> RTP Control Protocol is Disabled. Should I have it enabled? How it this done?

We are planning to use VPN on the laptops to call our office using the ip communicator whenever we are on travel and since I am experiencing problems in our ip communicator installation, we can't use this at the moment


Re: CISCO IP Communicator Questions

Start by testing Ip communicator while at the office. Make sure it works fine there for two way audio. Any headset should work, just use audio setup and set up what you want to use.

Once you tested in the office and all is well, then try it over VPN/etc and then you may have routing/firewall issues to adjust.

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