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Cisco IP phone 8941 issue Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings


We have problem with Cisco Ip Phone 8941, it is not possible to change the parameters in "Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings":   

       Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings on Device SEPB4E9B0B00C63

      Maximum Number of Calls and Busy Triggers per Line are:

      Maximum Number of Calls 3

      Busy Trigger 2

It is not allowed to change these parameters. It is not possible to change in the device cisco ip phone 8941 and it is not possible to change in Device profile type Cisco 8941.

The CUCM System version:

Could it be a bug?

Thank you for your help,


David Lozano

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Cisco IP phone 8941 issue Multiple Call/Call Waiting Settings

Hi David,

The ability to change this was added with the release

of firmware 9-2-2 I believe

Multiple Calls Per Line

The Cisco Unified IP Phones 8941 and 8945 now support Multiple Calls Per Line.

Each line can support multiple calls. By default, the Cisco Unified IP  Phones 8941 and 8945 support four active calls per line, and a maximum  of 24 active calls per line. Only one call can be connected at any time;  other calls are automatically placed on hold.

The system allows you to configure the maximum calls/busy trigger to not  more than 24/24 both for SCCP and SIP. The default call/busy trigger  value is 4/2.

This feature is supported on both SIP and SCCP phones, with Unified CM 7.1(5) and later.



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