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Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast


We upgrade our cisco ip phones with the sccp.9-2-3s firmware. With this firmware, all phones (7941,7961...) generate arp broadcast to the default gateway every 1 seconds.

The "gratuitous ARP" option is disabled in CUCM phone option.

CUCM version : 8.6.2a

ipphone version : sccp.9-2-3s

We don't remember that before upgrading there was a such behavior.

I'm looking for some clue about how I can resolve this issue.



Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast


I cant find any bugs for the arp issue in the bug toolkit for this with this type of phone or software level.

I think you are hitting a bug though.

You should raise a TAC



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Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast

Yes, before opening this thread, I try to find something via the bug toolkit too.

I can't find any information on this problem...

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Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast

When you say 'generate arp broadcast to the default gateway' do you mean it's an ARP request for the default gateway?

Do you see the gateway responding to that ARP request?

Gratuitous ARP is differnet; that would be the phone basically announcing it's own IP by ARPing for itself.

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Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast

Yes, it's what I mean.

I'm going to monitor one of my access port to see if the gateway is responding.

Cisco IP Phone ARP Broadcast

The default Gateway ( is responding to the ARP request :

For your information, the switch port configuration is really basic :

Switch#sh run int fa 0/2
Building configuration...

Current configuration : 136 bytes
interface FastEthernet0/2
switchport access vlan 621
switchport mode access
switchport voice vlan 623
spanning-tree portfast

We are in lab (before a migration from CCM v4.1.3 to CUCM v8.6.2a), that's why there is no QoS and advanced configuration...

I try to upgrade a 7961 (with SCCP.9-2-3S firmware) in production (CCM v4.1.3):  same problem ... the phone send ARP broadcast every seconds ...

I will try to downgrade the firmware

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