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Cisco IP Phone Newbie

Part of my job is evolving into me learning "all there is to know" about CUCM 7.1(3). I have only went as far as taking CCNA classes in college. What books or resources can you recommend that I utilize to learn how to manage our new IP system that was just installed. I also would like to read about more advanced topics such as configuring two separate CUCM systems to communicate over IP or some kind of trunk to make IP calls, basically.

Any suggestions are welcome. I have been looking over some CCVP books..

"Cisco Voice over IP (CVOICE) (Authorized  Self-Study Guide), Third Editionby Kevin  Wallace"



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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

Start with the docs Cisco provides. They're all reasonably well written and organized, and they're free.

Check out the documentation guide here:

Also check out the Solution Reference Network Design Guides:  There's one for Unified Communications that's well worth reading.

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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

Hi Robert,

Just to add a couple of references to the great tips from my friend Brian (+5 MR."B")

I have found these books to be very useful (they are older but the principles carry over well);

Cisco CallManager Fundamentals, 2nd Edition

Configuring CallManager and Unity: A Step-by-Step Guide

Troubleshooting Cisco IP Telephony

As for learning this crazy stuff...I highly recommend trying to get your hands

on some lab equipment for testing and applying your config scenarios



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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

Thanks for the information.

We only have a live system thats installed but to actually learn I think I will need to get some used CUCM gear to fully see whats going on. Too bad theres not a virtual lab for this sorta thing (or is there?)

Thanks again

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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

You might want to look into NFR kits.

Cisco Partner Bundle offering - Cisco Unified Communications System  Release offer for Demo or Lab Systems



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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

Nice one Java!! +5 points my friend



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Re: Cisco IP Phone Newbie

If you've got the bucks, the Cisco NFR Lab Kit Java recommended is a good investment. Though the need for a lab system is highly dependent on what your job role will be and the future of the voice network at your current employer. The lab gear is useful for learning the build process or testing upgrades, but after that it hard to get a real production feel with active gateways and various users groups needing who knows what feature...

Since Cisco has gone the appliance route, going through the steps of building a single site, single cluster has become quite straightforward. Not to make it sound like a cakewalk ... it can get complicated pretty quick. Add on the mountain of add-on application servers and perhaps a global network and ... well you get what I mean.

You can learn a lot just by navigating the consoles, understanding what each and every feature does, then testing those features with a group of phones and perhaps a spare gateway if available. A LOT of what makes up a UCM cluster evolves around the Dial Plan and the associated Partitions and Calling Search Spaces needed to build it; understand it, respect it, and you can do some pretty cool things. Learning in a production environment is a fact of life for many. It "can" be done safely if you're reasonably careful ... make backups, plan and test your changes. And if all else fails and you break something, you'll be learning a lot as you're frantically fixing it.

Good luck.


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