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Cisco IP phones - 2 phones using the same line

Hi Guys,

I need some help here. I am trying to solve a scenario. I have two cisco 7961 phones sharing the same line. This means that when a call comes in on the line both phones ring at the same time, and whichever phone is picked up first gets the call.

The trouble is I am trying to find a way to get the phones to ring individually. Say for example, a call comes in and just one phone rings and the other remains silent. Then when another call comes in the other phone will ring and the previous one will remain silent.

This is similar to what happens in a line group when the ringing is "distribution algorithm" is set to circular.

My question is, is there a way to do this without the use of a hunt group involving 2 phones sharing the same line?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated...



Re: Cisco IP phones - 2 phones using the same line

With a shared line, no.  You'd need to go with the line group method to accomodate this.


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Re: Cisco IP phones - 2 phones using the same line

well with shared line this is not possible, but you could use different dn for the phones.

use 2 ephone-dn dual-line.

lets say number 20 and number 30

let the first phone ring (20) and set there "call-forward busy 30"

then use "huntstop channel" at dn 20.

in this case you have 2 lines so you can transfer calls.

but if phone 20 is busy ( a call ) phone 30 will ring.

ok this is not a shared line - but why shared lines? you want one phone ring and after that the other one....



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