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Cisco Jabber 9.6.0 Build 15656, Dialing using URI's on CUCM IM/P

Reading on some of the threads in here, I've noticed that there's been some issues about this.

Some of the things I've noticed messing about with Jabber and CUCM, is that upon starting the Jabber for the first time, typing in which IM/P server you'r using the Jabber client create 2 config xml files. One is taken from the TFTF called jabber-config.xml and jabberLocalConfig.xml is created locally on your Windows user profile. In order to make Jabber work with URI's there's some few tasks to make first.

1) The SIP profile used has to have a mark in the Use Fully Qualified Domain Name in SIP Requests, otherwise you'll get ex. John@ instead of upon making an external/internal URI Call and you wont be able to redial, using the last called.

2) Making a CSF_ make sure to add it to the end user otherwise CUCM wont load it upon logging into Jabber. Also is's vital to give the Phone an owner in the owner user ID in the phone configuration as well.

3) The DN which is given to the phone has a field called Directory URI, in there you can type ex. in the URI and choose the partition in which your phones are. This is DNS based, where the CUCM looks at the packets coming from the external URI dialing and forwards it to the correct DN / URI, also works internal.

4) Users associated with Line. This is also a good idea to add the user who owns this, in the DN.

Right this is where it gets tricky, and I've also had a tag to, because this made my Jabber work fine, according to Cisco Standards, but still I could not dial Using URI in Jabber. So I've got an answer, saying that I had to add to the jabberLocalConfig.xml these two lines :

<userConfig value="mail" name="directoryuri"/>
<userConfig value="true" name="enablesipuridialling"/>

It works, and I am able to call internal/external, but my problem is not over here, and this is where I ask you all. How on earth do I make the CUCM understand that upon launching the Jabber, and I've added these two lines to the jabber-config.xml is has to put that into the jabberLocalConfig.xml, because it wont work without this. Has anyone an example on where to put this in the jabber-local.xml. What I've read so far, is that these two values are client based so they need to go under the client in the jabber-config.xml.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<config version="1.0">
<userConfig value="mail" name="directoryuri"/>
<userConfig value="true" name="enablesipuridialling"/>

But this is not working. Has anyone made this work so the jabberLocalConfig.xml get this information. My jabberLocalConfig.xml looks like this :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<userConfig value="DockWindow,372,0,652,48,1;HubWindow,624,18,924,718,1;" name="[0,0,1024,768]"/>
<userConfig value="HubWindow,448,374,608,401,2;" name="[0,0,1056,815]"/>
<userConfig value="15" name=""/>
<userConfig value="1" name="calendarintegrationtype"/>
<userConfig value="john" name="device_service-lastloggedinusername"/>
<userConfig value="Softphone" name="device_service-phone.mode"/>
<userConfig value="CSFJOHN" name="device_service-phone.softphone.device"/>
<userConfig value="TopCenter" name="dockedwindowposition"/>
<userConfig value="false" name="enablevideowithoutcamera"/>
<userConfig value="EXPANDED" name="group_header-contacts"/>
<userConfig value="" name="informuseroferror"/>
<userConfig value="Default" name="jabberwinproductmode"/>
<userConfig name="lastloadeduserprofile"/>
<userConfig value="done" name="manualconnectionsettingsupgradecheckperformed"/>
<userConfig value="1200" name="manuallyselectedauthenticator"/>
<userConfig value="" name="premigrationpresenceservertype"/>
<userConfig value="srv-uc-imp01" name="presenceserveraddress"/>
<userConfig value="PresenceConfigStore:230;PresenceProductModeStore:235;TFTPConfigStore:240;" name="primaryconfigstores"/>
<userConfig value="C:\Users\john\AppData\Local\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\Voicemail\john" name="vvm_mailstore_cookiecachedir"/> </Jabber>

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